There has been some changes to the schedule.

Open Mat is officially every Friday night at 6:30pm so come in and get rolling!

Yoga is Monday night at 7:45pm taught by Kirsten. For those who miss Yoga or are unable to make it on Monday, by request only, Kirsten will come in on Friday. You can make a request by speaking to her directly or by asking the students in the yoga class to contact her.

Those who wish to spar can continue sparring upstairs Monday, as well as Wednesday.

That is all. All Day Son!!!



Yoga is back on Monday nights at 7:45PM taught by Kirsten Bertone. Kirsten has 15 years of experience in a variety of Yoga disciplines. She is also a member at Advanced and trains both Muay Thai and BJJ. This allows her to understand the needs of the students at Advanced to help develop a stronger mind and body for BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA. Prepare to better your breathing, mental focus, strength, and flexibility. See you all Monday nights!